Brand: Flo' Let The Flowers Flow

FLO' is about feeling comfortable in your own skin and clothes; it's the natural flow of your own personality. Minimalist design, clean cuts, loose yet harmonic shapes and distinctive color shades make FLO' garments unique. Their timeless pieces and their hidden details will soon become the 'must have' of your everyday life. 

Ethically produced: the entire collection is designed, knitted and made in Italy by an all-women team and manufacture located in the north of Italy. They value high quality, local craftsmanship and the use of traditional looms. 

Eco-friendly: FLO' uses only 100% organically grown and natural yarns like wool, cotton and linen. Moreover, they use only entirely natural dyes and a sustainable manufacturing process. They are committed to producing garments that are kind to your skin and kind to the environment. Each collection is produced in a limited number of pieces to guarantee high quality, uniqueness and integrity. All the packaging is made of recycled paper, sourced from local paper mills. 

Locally produced: all items are made in Italy, within Europe.