Good Karma Longsleeve Tunic – Jade from Urban Goddess
Good Karma Longsleeve Tunic – Jade from Urban Goddess
Good Karma Longsleeve Tunic – Jade from Urban Goddess
Good Karma Longsleeve Tunic – Jade from Urban Goddess
Good Karma Longsleeve Tunic – Jade from Urban Goddess

Good Karma Longsleeve Tunic – Jade


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Certificates: Global Organic Textile Standard Peta approved

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Short description

Our Long Sleeve Yoga Shirt Good Karma is made from bamboo and organic cotton, a special fabric mix that feels super soft and is naturally dry-fit. Pull the extra-long tunic over your buttocks for extra comfort or simply wear it on your hips.

Source: Urban Goddess

Long Sleeve Yoga Shirt Good Karma – Jade

The long sleeve yoga shirt Good Karma is a beautiful, long yoga tunic with long sleeves. You can adjust the tunic so it feels the most comfortable for you: with a high v-neck, or a bit more open. It’s adjustable in length as well: the tunic is extra long and the fabric is pleated on the sides. This way, you can pull the shirt all the way over your butt for extra warmth and comfort. This is especially nice for colder days or slow-paced yoga classes where you stay close to the ground. Otherwise, just wear the shirt on your hips. The extra length will prevent it from sliding as you move.

As a true Urban Goddess, you might be familiar with our sleeveless Good Karma top, one of our all-time favourite items. This long sleeve tunic version comes with the same flattering details, but it made from a different fabric. Our special, super soft mix of bamboo and organic cotton feels cool on your skin and wicks away any moisture. It’s naturally dry-fit, thanks to the high percentage of bamboo. Read more about the benefits of bamboo clothing here.

What is Karma?

This long sleeve yoga shirt is inspired by Karma, the Sanskrit word for action or activity. Many people think of Karma as some sort of evil force that will punish you for your mistakes. But actually, Karma is a beautiful reminder that every action, every little thing we do, has a result. Action and reaction. You, your life, the universe – everything is constantly in motion and ever-changing. Whether that’s good or bad is entirely up to you.

About Urban Goddess yoga wear

We only use certified organic cotton for our Urban Goddess yoga wear. That is why you get all the benefits of natural breathing fabrics. And at the same time, we all contribute to a healthier environment and happy and healthy workers that are treated and paid fairly. Learn more about our production here.

We know how annoying it is to get itchy or distracted because of care labels in your clothes during your yoga practice. That’s why we don’t have them. We use stamps instead for all of our yoga wear. Simple!


XS (34/36)

S (36/38)

M (38/40)

L (40/42)

XL (42/44)

XXL (44/46)

Our model is 1,75m and wears size S.

Colour: Jade. The Long Sleeve Yoga Tunic Good Karma is also available in Urban Black en Rock.

Fabric content: 68% bamboo, 28% organic cotton, 4% lycra

Love your Urban Goddess yoga wear and they will love you back:

  • Wash at 30 degrees
  • Wash with similar colours
  • Don’t tumble dry

Urban Goddess is an Amsterdam yoga brand that makes yoga clothing that not only fits well, but that you can also wear on the street after your yoga class. The clothing is easy to mix and match with your regular wardrobe. 

All clothing from Urban Goddess is made from GOTS certified organic cotton and from OCS certified organic bamboo. The clothing is produced under fair conditions in Turkey. They work with a permanent partner with whom they have been working with for years and they often visit to make sure that working conditions are good. The clothing is also completely vegan and carries the Peta-approved vegan stamp of approval.

Urban Goddess also believes it is also very important that clothing is recycled or used second-hand when you're done with it. That's why you can return your Urban Goddess purchases to Urban Goddess for a 20% discount on your next purchase! They then ensure that the product is sold second-hand through the Salvation Army or is recycled.

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