Shampoo Bar – Vitamin Sea from Het Faire Oosten
Shampoo Bar – Vitamin Sea from Het Faire Oosten

Shampoo Bar – Vitamin Sea


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What is in every shampoo bar?

Shea Butter: This ingredient has a soothing and soothing effect on your skin. What makes Shea Butter so special and distinct from other natural oils is the high content of caring properties in it. Because Shea Butter has such a high content, Shea Butter strongly supports your (scalp) skin in its restorative power.

Quinoa: Quinoa is, in addition to a tasty addition to your yogurt, a miracle cure for your hair! Quinoa is a natural (and vegan) protein for your hair. It strengthens and nourishes your hair, adds natural shine and makes colors shine from both normal and colored hair.

Olive oil: Maybe this ingredient sounds a bit strange to you in a shampoo. However, it is an underrated miracle cure in the cosmetics industry – it rivals the hip jojoba oil or argan oil. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants are very effective in combating substances that affect healthy body cells, causing the skin to age faster.

One Shampoo Bar lasts 90 to 110 washes and is therefore equivalent to 3 to 4 plastic shampoo bottles. That is good for you, the environment and your wallet.

Source: Het Faire Oosten

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The Faire Oosten is a wonderful store in Amsterdam that offers makers and sustainable entrepreneurs a physical platform. The pillars of Het Faire Oosten are sustainability, craftsmanship & creativity. Their goal is to inspire, educate, empower and help the group of impact makers grow.

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