Fair Dancer Collection 20 Jet Black

Fair Dancer Collection 20 Jet Black from Ethletic




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The Ethletic Fair Dancer is a classic ballerina that we’ve also reinterpreted in our own unique way, making it sporty and casual. A light footbed with arch support speaks for the express comfort of this popular model. A must-have for anyone who loves their summers barefoot, with easy slipping in and out guaranteed.
The Dancer is made of Fairtrade-certified organic fairly traded canvas twill cotton from small farmers. The sole is made of natural FSC-certified rubber from sustainably farmed plantations in Sri Lanka. Fair-made in Pakistan. Ethletic products are made solely from resources of certified Fairtrade or FSC supply chains. The governing Fairtrade body ensures that premiums are received by participating producers and manufacturers every step of the way. Ethletic also actively supports own Fairtrade projects in the local communities where our production facilities are located. Ethletic products are made using only sustainable resources. While the Fairtrade system ensures that producers and manufacturers receive their fair share today, sustainability means that these agricultural areas maintain their economic potential for generations to come. Ethletic pays an additional premium to the official welfare society run by the employees of our production facilities of one US dollar for each pair of shoes sold. They manage this money independently, primarily for health care, pensions or in supporting local education. Some 2% of the retail price is paid to FLO-CERT, the inspection and certification body for Fairtrade. It monitors the standards governing the production, buying and selling of Fairtrade products and has the power to issue the Fairtrade seal where deemed appropriate.
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Ethletic is a sustainable German shoe brand. Every step in the Ethletic production process is ethical. The cotton is grown in India and is organically grown and Fairtrade certified, so produced under fair working conditions. The rubber of the shoes is natural rubber and comes from FSC certified forests in Sri Lanka. This means that the forests where the rubber comes from are managed sustainably. The shoes are assembled in Pakistan under fair working conditions in a factory that is also Fairtrade certified. All Ethletic shoes are 100% Peta Approved vegan, so you don't have to worry about animal suffering. Finally, Ethletic gives $ 1 for each pair of shoes that they sell to the Workers Welfare Society at their factory in Sialkot in Pakistan.

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Delivery time: At least 5 days

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