Moccasins indian tan

Moccasins indian tan from Quetzal Artisan





These Moccasins Indian Tan are soft and warm. They are accented with turquoise beads a hand-stitched vamp and rawhide laces. They are handmade with suede leather and a have soft cushion insole.

These traditional Native moccasins are proudly handcrafted by The Huron-Wendat First Nation, in Quebec, Canada.

Every moccasin handmade by the Huron Wendat, is made with pride and craftsmanship combining ancestral aboriginal techniques and with utmost respect for mother earth.


  • 100% suède (Genuine Leather)
  • Foam insole
  • Moccasins colors: natural, light pink and skyblue.
  • Indoor use
  • Available in sizes 37- 42
  • 100% Canadian Handmade


  • We recommend using a special leather cleaner a special protector to keep your Moccasins Indian Tan in top condition.
Brand: Quetzal Artisan Source: Quetzal Artisan

Available sizes:

One Size

Quetzal Artisan is a brand that brings handmade and hand-woven products from North, Central and South America to Europe. The goal of Quetal Artisan is to stimulate fair trade and to give real craftsmanship a stage. Quetzal Artisan has different collections that all try to make the world a bit better in their own way.

The wool collection is designed and woven by women in Canada. They use materials such as bamboo, alpaca, and organic cotton, which are spun in the Andes mountains of South America.

The Guatemalan textile collection is made by skilled women from Guatamala. The women use a special loom that comes from the ancient Mayan tradition. Working with this loom is a special skill that is passed on from mother to daughter in Mayan culture. They make beautiful designs that combine traditional and modern. The women get paid fair wages for their work, which ensures that they can support their children. They only use natural materials such as cotton and viscose, and they paint by hand using natural paint products such as tree bark and flowers.

The Guatemalan Fair Trade sandals collection was designed by women and assembled by Maya weavers in Guatemala. They receive fair wages, and the organization that makes the sandals are affiliated with the Fair Wear Foundation.

The Hiawatha boots are hand made in Canada by the original Huron-Wendat Indians from Wendake. The shoes are made with respect for the environment and the makers are paid fair wages.

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