Scarf Unsaid Blue from Urban Medley
Scarf Unsaid Blue from Urban Medley
Scarf Unsaid Blue from Urban Medley
Scarf Unsaid Blue from Urban Medley
Scarf Unsaid Blue from Urban Medley
Scarf Unsaid Blue from Urban Medley
Scarf Unsaid Blue from Urban Medley
Scarf Unsaid Blue from Urban Medley

Scarf Unsaid Blue


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Short description

Blue and white hand woven Kala ( black) Cotton or Organic cotton stole with twill weave. This all season product can be easily styled as a wrap over a summer dress or as a stylish stole on a jacket or winter coat to keep the cold at bay.

Source: Urban Medley

Kala cotton is indigenous to Kutch a district in Western India. Its organic, as the farmers do not use any pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. It is a purely rain-fed crop that has a high tolerance for both disease and pests and requires minimal investment. It is resilient and resurgent in the face of difficult land conditions.

This collection of cotton scarf is designed by Khara Kapas especially for Urban Medley, reminiscing the tradition of Kala Cotton. It’s raw and rustic, minimalistic and timeless pieces, in earthy colours of vegetable dyes. The fabric and dye combination is skin-friendly, easy to care. This organic cotton scarf is perfect for all seasons.

Brand ‘Khara Kapas’ meaning ‘pure cotton’ started with a belief that well-designed clothes made from pure fabrics can bring happiness into people’s everyday life. All products are handcrafted and made from pure, homegrown Indian fabrics.

Khara Kapas swears by using cotton and just that to make beautiful garments and accessories. They work closely with artisans and weavers from across the country to serve the penchant of cotton lovers. With the help of these weavers, we celebrate Indian culture, tradition and our rich heritage.

Product Care ; Cold water | Machine wash in gentle cycle | Regular detergent, Dry in shade

Size guide

Length 200 cms
Width 100 cms
Weight apprx 500 grams.

Urban Medley supports  traditional weaving and printing forms.  Their designers help the artisans to balance tradition with contemporary designs, and help them to commercialize using their age- old methods and production processes. The beautiful scarves and accessories from Urban Medley are made by small communities of weavers and printers from India. The weavers mainly work from home, whereby they determine their own working hours. The printers work in a small workshop with pleasant working conditions. Urban Medley uses organic, black cotton, 'peace' silk and organic  leather for their products. The brand does not want to be bound by age, gender, race, color or even size, therefore accessories have been chosen as the main focus point. The accessories help  you  shape your own style. The ‘take care’ bags too are environmentally friendly: fabric bags made by women working from home in a village of Tamilnadu. These women can therefore support their family without having to step out. The brand helps you to be a proud and conscious fashionista.

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