Candy Love from O’Gem
Candy Love from O’Gem
Candy Love from O’Gem
Candy Love from O’Gem

Candy Love


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Available sizes:
One Size

Short description

Natural raw Fluorite ring:

  • raw fluorite;
  • jewelry clay

5 hours work

Fluorite has another particular The african diamond. It has the same shape of the raw stones but the variety of colors makes the fluorite to look like a candy.

Fluorite is a stone of inspiration and activator or senses. It is like a sun ray on your hand that reminds you who you are and what goals you desire to achieve.

Source: O’Gem

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Olga of O’Gem makes unique jewellery for self-confident women. O’Gem wants to inspire women and transfer energy through natural stones. Olga buys these special stones locally in Amsterdam. The plated gold and silver that she uses are made from recycled material. O’Gem also uses recycled materials to package the jewelry. Olga is working on a project for the Tiny Miracles Foundation, focused on helping women in India. Olga is also concerned with the environment in other areas. For example, she participated in activities of the Plastic Soup Foundation in Amsterdam and takes the bicycle as much as possible.

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