Organic Cotton T-Shirt Made in Italy Balloon from HUMNZR
Organic Cotton T-Shirt Made in Italy Balloon from HUMNZR
Organic Cotton T-Shirt Made in Italy Balloon from HUMNZR
Organic Cotton T-Shirt Made in Italy Balloon from HUMNZR

Organic Cotton T-Shirt Made in Italy Balloon


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T-Shirt handmade in Italy in Organic Cotton grown and processed in respect of the environment and human rights.

The Organic Cotton T-Shirt HUMNZR Balloon is produced with the farming method that allows to save 91% of water, unlike traditional cotton that consumes up to 3900 lt. of water for each T-Shirt.

Pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers and genetically modified seeds (GMO) are not used and for this reason it guarantees a better transpiration of the skin and prevents skin allergies.

The Organic Cotton T-Shirt HUMNZR is GOTS Certified, the most important international standard for textile products made with natural and organic fibers, which ensures the integrity and worker's rights are fully respected.

With its 170g luxury weight, the Organic Cotton T-Shirt Balloon is soft, fresh and very pleasant to the touch.Handcrafted in Italy in every single detail for a perfect fit, to wear in all seasons.

The HUMNZR Balloon T-Shirt, in addition to the quality and naturalness of Cotton, boasts digital printing with water-based dyes that make it 100% Eco-Sustainable.

Balloon is the representation of the freedom to be oneself, whatever the age, culture, gender in respect of every single diversity.

HUMNZR Packaging is also made of natural organic cotton, which can be reused as a practical bag or clutch bag. In addition, as a gift, a small tag made with the handmade plant seed paper with instructions for sowing and sprouting a plant.


Source: HUMNZR


  • Weight: 170g
  • Material: 100% Organic Cotton
  • Production: 100% Made in Italy
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL

The HUMNZR concept consists of recycled and vegan products that help reduce the impact on the environment and protect our natural resources.

Fair trade: HUMNZR items are made fair trade in Italy.

Environmentally friendly: HUMNZR uses natural and recycled raw materials: Organic cotton, vegan leather from innovative cactus leaves and recycled cashmere.

Vegan: HUMNZR works with innovative, vegan materials to replace leather. They do have some recycled cashmere items, these are the only items that are not vegan.

Locally produced: all items are made in Italy.

Practical information

Shipping fee: £11.60 in the UK. Brexit update: Prices are without VAT, but you'll need to pay VAT when it arrives, to the UK government.

Delivery time: 1-3 weeks.

Address: No physical store.

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