Top Rib Aine Blanc from Klow
Top Rib Aine Blanc from Klow
Top Rib Aine Blanc from Klow
Top Rib Aine Blanc from Klow

Top Rib Aine Blanc

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Short description

  • Couleur: Blanc
  • Matières: 97% Coton bio, 3% Lycra
  • Made in: Inde
  • Certifications: Commerce équitable, Bcome, GOTS

Source: Klow

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Thinking Mu is a Spanish brand that makes clothing with respect for people and the environment. They only use certified organic cotton from India and Peru for their products and merino wool, unfortunately the certification cannot be found on their website. The organic certification also ensures that as little water as possible is wasted in production. They use certified biodegradable ink for dyeing the clothing and the clothing is made under fair working conditions. The production takes place in Spain and in Italy, so falls under European regulations.

Klow is a French web store that only sells sustainable and ethically produced products. They have a good relationship with their suppliers and before they start a new collaboration they do an extensive check to see if the brand actually produces ethically. Klow considers sustainable and fair production important and therefore tries to create a community of brands that want to change the world in a positive way.

In addition to the fact that Klow only sells ethically produced products, they also give 1% of their turnover to a charity: Mary's Meal. This is a charity that ensures that children get a free meal at school in places where children often don't get enough food.

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