Best Sustainable Underwear UK: Ethically Delicate

Giada Nizzoli

Best Sustainable Underwear UK: Ethically Delicate

Dresses, jumpers, shoes… Switching to slow fashion is going pretty smoothly (go, you!), but isn’t there something you’re forgetting?

The best sustainable underwear in the UK will allow you to add another ethical and eco-friendly layer to your outfits.

Why choose sustainable underwear instead of fast fashion?

Some fast fashion underwear

Paying £3 for some fast fashion underwear might feel tempting since it’s going to be hidden underneath your clothes for most of the day. 

However, there are both health and ethical concerns that you should consider:

  • Most fast fashion underwear consists of synthetic fabrics like polyester, which tend to trap heat and moisture, messing up with vaginal health. This isn’t to say that you can’t ever wear polyester underwear every once in a while, but rather that it’d be safer to stick to natural fabrics most of the time
  • While natural cotton should be a safer alternative, fast fashion companies often employ pesticides and chemicals to speed up the growing process: not exactly what you should wear down there! 
  • As well as the material itself, the main issue with fast fashion underwear is that it frequently involves toxic chemicals and dyes. This is awful news in general, but even more so for clothes that cover your most delicate body parts
  • Plus, the usual problems with fast fashion still apply: this underwear is mainly produced by exploited garment workers relying on materials and practices that are harmful to the environment 

Instead, the best sustainable underwear involves natural fabrics or recycled materials, safe dyes, and fairtrade production methods.

4 best ethical underwear brands UK

1. Baukjen 

Model wearing some of the best sustainable UK underwear

Looking for some basic and versatile sustainable underwear for your everyday outfits? Baujen’s small range is all you need. 

What we love the most about it is that it mainly relies on lyocell, a modal fabric and one of the most sustainable.

2. Mi Apparel 

Some of the best sustainable underwear UKWhile it currently has a limited range, we can’t wait to see what this ethical underwear brand comes up with in the future!

It also relies mainly on lyocell but uses recycled fabrics whenever possible. 

We especially recommend these items as a special treat!

3. Fleet London 

Best sustainable underwear UK for men

Looking for the best sustainable underwear in the UK for men? Then the answer is Fleet London. 

It offers a versatile minimalist range made with premium cotton, sourced sustainably through the Better Cotton Initiative.

Plus, they even use plastic-free packaging.

4. People Tree 

Versatile ethical underwear UKOf course, the fairtrade giant has a sustainable underwear section, and it mainly involves GOTS certified cotton!

Its current range includes delicate monochrome pieces that, while being the perfect versatile basics, tend to include an attention-grabbing detail or design.

Other ethical underwear brands

If you’re happy to look beyond sustainable underwear in the UK, here are a few honourable mentions.


Eco-friendly underwear

This ethical underwear brand offers one of the widest sustainable ranges we’ve seen, and every piece looks like something out of a catwalk.

Anekdot has also found several creative ways of making their underwear eco-friendly, such as using ECONYL®, organic cotton, recycled fabrics, and even off-cuts and leftovers from the 80s: literally one of a kind!


Some of the best ethical underwear

This ethical underwear brand focuses on elegant and sexy pieces that will allow you to start the day with a confidence boost.

We can’t praise it enough for its eco-friendly approach, involving recycled fabrics, a solar-powered factory, tree-planting to offset their emissions, and compostable packaging.

Brava Fabrics 

Best sustainable underwear for men

Who says that mens boxers should be boring?

Certainly not Brava Fabrics with its colourful and varied range made of GOTS certified organic cotton. 

Find even more sustainable underwear UK (and beyond) on Project Cece: be gentle to your body and the planet!

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