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If you are looking for the best sustainable fashion brands, you have come the right place! Project Cece curates fashion brands and only lists brands that produce in an ethical and sustainable manner. We have researched and vetted over a 1000 brands, so you are sure to find brands that fit your style and values.

Our mission is to make ethical fashion easy to find and sustainability info easily available! That's why we made a search engine for ethical fashion. We research and vet all the brands so you can easily browse through the products of all sustainable brands in one place.

While you can browse through the products of all these ethical brands directly in our catalogue, you can find an overview of ethical brands that passed our sustainability impact analyses here.
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2.8 Duepuntootto




A Beautiful Story


A Part of the Art


A Perfect Jane

A Perfect Jane is on a mission making an Impact, with less environmental impact. They strongly believe no animals should be used for fashion purposes. They are very happy seeing the development of plantbased products growing rapidly, and want to show that vegan & sustainablility can go together.

A-dam Underwear

Brand: A-dam underwear is a Dutch brand located in Amsterdam. Their approach is simple: “less saying, more doing. 
And if it doesn’t feel good, we don’t do it at all.” They are focused on being responsible and believe that working together consciously can create a better worl

A/N/G Skincare

A/N/G Skincare is a Dutch brand creating innovative, effective and eco-friendly skincare essentials for healthy-glowing skin. The A/N/G skincare product range is compact and clear. In the formulas of the luxurious ecological care line, the best organic ingredients flow together with the latest scien


Aagé makes beautiful leather bags that are designed to last a lifetime. Fair trade: Aagé works together with Italian Dani Sustainable Leather, an innovative Italian tanner who is always looking for the most sustainable production techniques. Dani ensures employees of a safe and health


AAKS bags are handmade by women in Ghana. AAKS was founded by Akosua Afriyie-Kumi, with the aim of introducing the world to her favourite Ghanian weaving techniques. Fair Trade: These Ghanaian women are getting fair wages and work under good working conditions. Good cause: AAKS invests in the futu

Aap Noot Xiem




aava swim






About Arianne


About Companions

About Companions is an ethical menswear brand founded by two childhood friends, Thies and Stephan. They seek to create long-lasting investment pieces to accompany them throughout the seasons. Transparency is very important to About Companions, which is why the hangtags clearly show the impact o

Absolut Cashmere





ACBC is an innovative sneaker brand that stands for 'Anything Can Be Changed'. They are committed to making the shoe market more sustainable by investing in research & development. For example, they have a patent on their invention 'ZIPSHOES', which are seen as the 'most sustainable shoes in the



Ada Perlu

The two French girls Cyrielle and Marine met while travelling in Indonesia and both fell in love with the Indonesian people, culture and the traditional Batik fabric and method. This is how Ada Perlu was born, the only label that presents a modern version of the traditional Batik. The designs are de