9 Best Sustainable Fashion Brands UK (No Brexit Surprises!)

Giada Nizzoli

9 Best Sustainable Fashion Brands UK (No Brexit Surprises!)

Buying locally has always been a fairly common practice among slow fashion aficionados as it reduces the carbon footprint of your clothes. 

However, finding the best sustainable fashion brands in the UK has become even more important after Brexit.

Did you know that you’ll now have to pay VAT and import duties after you’ve already covered the price of items bought from EU-based stores?

While we keep our fingers crossed and wait for our leaders to find a solution, here are some of the best ethical clothing brands in the UK to help you avoid unpleasant surprises.

1. People Tree

Rochelle wide leg trousers by People Tree, one of the best ethical brands in the UK

While this fair trade pioneer was founded in Tokyo, the company is now based in the UK too. Pheeeew!

People Tree has always been extremely involved with finding the smartest solutions for a more sustainable production process (for example, over 80% of their collection consists of organic cotton). 

Hanna floral dress by People Tree

They also work closely with their factories to ensure that all the garment workers receive fair wages and suitable working conditions.

As for clothes, they have one of the widest ranges of sustainable and fair trade womenswear!

2. Baukjen

Lily top by Baukjen

This sustainable fashion brand in the UK focuses on womenswear made with eco-friendly or natural materials while maintaining the highest standards of transparency as well as of social and environmental practices. 

Lorelle top by Baukjen

Baukjen also supports multiple charities and they offer an inspiring range of all kinds of fashion items.

3. Beaumont Organic

Carlotte organic cotton top by Beaumont Organic

Instead of following everchanging trends, this ethical clothing brand in the UK releases only two collections per year. 

However, their evergreen designs will never go out of style, as they’re both versatile and timeless.

Miakoda organic cotton yoga top by Beaumont Organic

They also choose sustainable fabrics and donate 1% of their annual profit to charity.

4. Nightire

Candy critters midi sleepwear set by Nightire UK

If you’re planning on wearing ethical clothes 24/7, this sustainable UK fashion brand will take care of the time between dusk and dawn. 

Lobster roll boxer shorts by Nightire

Although, let’s be honest: their breathable organic bamboo nightwear is so comfortable that you’ll want to wear it during the day too, especially if you work from home!

5. Cucumber Clothing

V nech top in coral by Cucumber Clothing

This sustainable fashion brand in the UK produces all of its garments in London and has a clear mission: making luxurious clothes for the everyday. 

Strappy top in moss by Cucumber Clothing

From nightwear to loungewear and versatile essentials, their comfortable sustainable fabrics have you covered.

6. Mayamiko

Marishka bow front crop top by Mayamiko

With ethnic patterns and the brightest colour combinations, Mayamiko is a sustainable fashion brand in the UK that adds an African twist to their fair trade clothes.

Charity peplum top by Mayamiko

They’re also closely involved with the local community around their Malawi workshop and they choose both organic cotton and recycled materials.

7. Good Tee Co

Original good tee by Good Tee Co

Ranging from the cutest minimalist designs to the most empowering slogans, the collection of this sustainable UK fashion brand will allow you to make a bold statement with tees or jumpers.

Bees & Trees t-shirt by Good Tee Co

All made with organic cotton and recycled polyester, of course!


Unisex tees by TOBEFRANK

Often provocative, always innovative: TOBEFRANK is exactly the kind of casual wear that you needed in your wardrobe and your life.

Organic cotton socks by TOBEFRANK

Not only does this sustainable clothing brand in the UK use organic cotton and recycled materials, but they even donate the equivalent of all the water they save through their Frank Water Charity.

9. Aqua & Rock

Aqua & Rock

This unstoppable and innovative sustainable fashion brand in the UK has found lots of creative solutions to the most common environmental problems of fashion.

Chloe fringe dress

From waste cotton saved from landfills to fabrics created with ocean plastic, they remind us that everyone can make a difference! 

Don’t forget that you can find even more sustainable clothing brands in the UK on Project Cece.

Just click the ‘UK’ filter in our store location tab!

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