Fast Fashion Is Bad: Why Do We Keep Buying It? (+ Solutions)

Giada Nizzoli

Fast Fashion Is Bad: Why Do We Keep Buying It? (+ Solutions)

Fast fashion is detrimental to the planet, traps workers in modern slavery conditions… and keeps on growing

Should we stop buying fast fashion?

Yes! We believe we should stop buying fast fashion because:

  • Its business model relies on churning out disposable clothes without worrying about its environmental and ethical consequences
  • It generates 92 million tonnes of textile waste every year
  • It often hides child labour and sweatshops

So, if fast fashion is that bad, why are so many people still buying it?

7 reasons why you’re still buying it fast fashion… and 7 solutions for them!

Consumer shopping for fast fashion clothes

No judging: let’s look at it objectively.

1. Lack of awareness 

The truth is… most people don’t know about those issues!

In fact, you might not even be aware that you’re buying from “fast fashion” brands.

Solution: read about the problems with fast fashion (or watch a documentary) to learn about its horrifying reality 

2. Addiction and dopamine chasing 

Fast fashion has been keeping you trapped in a vicious cycle: 

  • Needing to buy new clothes to get a dopamine hit
  • Getting tired of them after a few months (or weeks)
  • … repeat!

In fact, buying fast fashion clothes affects your brain: its pleasure centre gets activated when you see items you want to buy. The lower the cost, the maximum sense of pleasure we get. 

Crazy, right?

Solution: follow our tips on ditching fast fashion gradually

3. Peer pressure and fear of judgement

Shopping is often seen as a social activity. Maybe you’re worried you’ll feel left out if you quit fast fashion?

Solution: be kind and understanding towards your friends who are still purchasing from these brands. Let them know you’re still happy to go shopping even if you’re not planning on buying anything.

However, you could also connect with friends who are looking to adopt a more ethical lifestyle. Why not try a sustainable challenge together?

4. Social media playing on fears and insecurities

Fast fashion consumer using social media

Unsustainable hauls. Brands promoting new garments every week. Influencers who’re never seen wearing the same outfit more than once.

Social media pushes us to buy new clothes to feel worthy and fill a void!

Solution: unfollow those accounts. Replace them with brands and content creators that talk about ethical fashion

5. Budget

We understand that, in some cases, it’s a privilege to buy from certain sustainable brands (both because of budget and the fact that they aren’t always as size-inclusive as fast fashion.

However, the average person spends £526.50 on clothing every year… but keeps 60% of it for less than that.

That’s when it’s a problem.

Solution: look for budget-friendly and size-inclusive sustainable brands (psst: use our filters!) and, if you can, invest in fewer but higher-quality clothes that’ll last for years

6. Sustainable fashion myths

Worried that, if you quit fast fashion, you’re gonna have to start dressing in plain, earth-toned clothes?

Solution: check out these popular ethical fashion myths… debunked!

Colourful sustainable fashion clothes

7. Convenience and temptations

From high-street stores to all the ads you see, we can’t deny that fast fashion can feel easier to buy and harder to resist!

Solution: try the 30-day rule (only buy a new garment after 30 days… if you still want it), and let a platform know you want to see less of those ads. 

As for convenience, what if you could find hundreds of fairtrade brands in one place? And have handy filters to narrow down your choices? 

Well, luckily, you can! At Project Cece, we’re a search engine for ethical fashion.

Why not share this article on your socials to help more people take the right first step? And, if you’ve found this helpful, start receiving our tips and inspiration to make even more sustainable clothing choices.

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