Why Sustainable Fashion Is Actually More Fun (Pinky Swear!)

Giada Nizzoli

Why Sustainable Fashion Is Actually More Fun (Pinky Swear!)

There are so many misconceptions around ethical fashion. One of the most notorious ones? 

Thinking it’s plain, basic, or even boring. Maybe you were made to believe the same, too?

Well, we beg to differ! In fact, we believe that embracing sustainable fashion is more fun than being stuck in the fast fashion cycle of buying new clothes every other week (or *cough cough* day).

Here’s why—and how you can start seeing it that way, too.

1. You get to fall in love with your clothes

Fashionista loving their clothes

Fast fashion’s entire business model is based around the idea that you should keep buying new clothes (to feel better and happier, to look prettier, to be liked, and so on)... 

clothes that you’ll only wear a couple of times and then replace with new ones! 

These brands are even using social media algorithms to manipulate your shopping habits: they push consumers to buy out of insecurities, self-doubt, and fear of not belonging.

So, this business model is terrible for:

  • The planet
  • The garment workers kept in modern slavery conditions
  • Your mental health

Instead, sustainable fashion is all about buying fewer higher-quality clothes that you’re going to enjoy wearing for years.

You’ll no longer open your wardrobe and see a pile of disposable clothes—and still somehow think “I have nothing to wear.”

You’ll finally find clothes that make you feel good whenever you slide into them.

2. You’ll become super creative with your outfits

A creative sustainable outfit combination

When you’re trapped in the fast fashion cycle, wanting a different look can only mean “buying yet another garment.”

Well, sustainable fashion unlocks a whole new level of possibilities and creativity!

Once you’ve fallen in love with your clothes, you’ll find new ways of pairing them up.

For example, you could wear the same organic cotton t-shirt with jeans, trousers, a skirt, shorts, and dungarees. You can then add layers and accessories like waistcoats, braces, blazers, and necklaces. 

The final result? It’ll look like a completely different look every time—and without spending a single cent.

3. You can gamify it with a digital wardrobe

Consumer digitising their clothes

Wanna have even more fun creating new outfits? Of course, you do!

Then, download a digital closet app and digitise your wardrobe.

It’s enjoyable (especially if you do it with your friends), and it’ll make your life even easier on a day-to-day basis.

You’ll get to see all your clothes in one go, keep track of what you wear the most, and try different combinations

Oh, and some apps send you personalised tips, too!

4. You can get your friends involved with fun sustainable fashion activities

Friends hosting a sustainable clothing swap party

Sustainable fashion isn’t about gatekeeping your favourite brands: sharing your new passion is actually one of the coolest things about it!

Some fun activities you can try are:

  • Hosting a clothing swap party
  • Styling each other using your existing wardrobes 
  • Going to a repair cafe together
  • Throwing themed fancy dress events (but using what you already own)
  • Upcycling old unwanted garments by giving them a new twist or turning them into completely different items, like tote bags and scarves 

5. Sustainable fashion actually offers you lots of options, styles, and creative designs

Colourful sustainable fashion designs

Another ethical fashion myth is that these clothes are all monochrome and minimalist.

First of all, we actually love that style. But if you don’t, relax: that’s most definitely NOT all that sustainable fashion has to offer.

When it comes to style, the main difference is that, unlike its “evil cousin”, ethical fashion doesn’t follow trends. So, your clothes won’t expire within weeks. 

Other than that? It can be just as colourful and creative as traditional fashion brands.

Not sure where to find it? Right here on Project Cece! Use our filters to browse the collections of hundreds of fairtrade brands while focusing on your style and ethos. 

6. Wearing ethical clothes feels better, too 

Happy consumers supporting sustainable fashion

Once you switch to sustainable fashion, you start realising how much of a difference you can make by voting with your money.

With most fast fashion brands, you’re giving it to companies that exploit their workers and pollute the planet, maybe helping a billionaire buy their 6th yacht.

Ethical fashion brands, on the other hand? They’re either:

  • Small companies and independent designers that can really do with your support
  • Larger companies that use their profits for good, like investing in sustainable materials, donating to charities, and funding tree-planting projects

Either way, you’ll be part of something bigger—and positive. 

So, let’s be honest: if anyone is still telling you that sustainable fashion is boring, they clearly haven’t been doing it right.

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