7 Best Brands for Sustainable Sandals & Summer Shoes

Melissa Wijngaarden

7 Best Brands for Sustainable Sandals & Summer Shoes

Looking to take one more step towards a complete ethical wardrobe?

Then, let’s help you find the best sustainable sandals, flip flops, espadrilles or… whatever types of summer shoes you prefer!

What are sustainable sandals and summer shoes made of?

You can find sustainable sandals and summer shoes in all kinds of eco-friendly materials, but some of the most popular are:

  • Recycled materials, perfect to reduce waste and avoid a carbon-heavy production 
  • Kinder fabrics like organic cotton and hemp
  • Jute, renewable and biodegradable
  • Cork, also renewable and with a low environmental footprint
  • Sustainably sourced rubber
  • Vegetable-tanned leather as opposed to traditional tanning (which involves lots of bad chemicals)

It’s not just about materials, though.

Usually, when you choose one of the most sustainable sandals brands, you’re also supporting an ethical production.

Cheap fast fashion sandals and summer shoes tend to hide a high cost, from sweatshops to child labour.

And let’s not forget about waste! Fast fashion shoes are literally designed to fall apart. The best sustainable sandals and summer shoes, on the other hand, are made to last you for years (not one season). 

7 best sustainable sandals and summer shoes brands

Luckily, more and more shoe brands are now choosing sustainable materials and ethical production. With so many options, though… Where can you start?

Well, right here! Here are some of our favourite sustainable sandals, flip flops, espadrilles, and summer shoe brands. 

1. Momoc Shoes – Sustainable sandals with recycled materials

Raised legs with colourful shoes by one of the best sustainable sandal brands

This brand specialises in original, feminine, and comfortable shoes for women.

They’re entirely vegan and made in Spain using recycled materials.

Sustainable sandals, loafers, flat shoes… You’re bound to find the most colourful or versatile summer shoes for your outfits!

2. Cano - Durable sustainable sandals and summer shoes

Sustainable leather sandals by Cano

Their huge range of sustainable shoes is handmade by local craftsmen in Mexico.

Their sandals and shoes aren’t vegan, but they’re made to last using vegetable-tanned leather (which, as we’ve seen before, is more eco-friendly than traditional tanning).

You’ll also help reduce waste because Cano makes the most of small scraps and strips of leather.

3. Quetzal Artisan - Craftsmanship first

Sustainable sandals by Quetzal Artisan -

Are you looking for sustainable sandals and summer shoes that are one of a kind and special?

As the name suggests, this brand works with artisans to introduce traditional techniques and designs from North, Central, and South America to Europe.

4. Thies - Innovative materials

Ethical sandals for summer

This shoe brand was founded all the way back in 1856, and yet they’re still leading the way and embracing innovation when it comes to sustainable materials.

For example, some of their shoes involve olive leather and upcycled milk wool.

They have a particularly large range of sustainable sandals, but you’ll find plenty of flip flops and summer shoes, too. 

5. Alohas - Made-to-order sustainable sandals and shoes

Made to order sandals

Thanks to their pre-order system, this brand helps reduce waste by avoiding overproduction and excessive stock.

Their leather is certified by the Leather Working Group, and they offer a few vegan options, too.

All their sustainable sandals and shoes are made in Spain.

6. Rarámuri - Sustainable sandals and shoes for social change

Sustainable sandals made of jute

This brand’s shoes can either involve high-quality made-in-Italy leather soles or vegan ones made of vulcanized rubber, cork, or jute.

What we love the most about them, though (on top of their beautiful range of both versatile and bold designs, of course)?

They support a foundation dedicated to reducing poverty and social exclusion of the Tarahumara Mountains indigenous community.

7. NAE Vegan - Vegan sandals and summer shoes

Vegan sandals for summer

If you want to focus on cruelty-free options, these are probably the best ethical sandals and shoes for you.

This Portugues brand is entirely PETA-approved, and they choose eco-friendly materials like cork or cruelty-free leather alternatives like pineapple leather or recycled PET.

NAE Vegan has a large range of shoes for women and men, from sustainable sandals to loafers and flats (and much more).

Find more sustainable sandals and summer shoes on Project Cece

Hopefully, after going through our roundup of sustainable sandals and summer shoes brands, you're ready to take the first step.

Still browsing? 

At Project Cece, we brought hundreds of fair trade brands in one place, and that includes plenty of shoewear

So, use our filters to narrow down your choices (Categories, Size, Colours, Price, Materials…) and find the right shoes for your style and ethos.

Ready to step into summer while rocking the most stylish sustainable sandals?

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