Dahlia Inner Tube Floral Necklace from Paguro Upcycle
Dahlia Inner Tube Floral Necklace from Paguro Upcycle
Dahlia Inner Tube Floral Necklace from Paguro Upcycle
Dahlia Inner Tube Floral Necklace from Paguro Upcycle
Dahlia Inner Tube Floral Necklace from Paguro Upcycle

Dahlia Inner Tube Floral Necklace


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  • FAT
  • MIL
  • ANF
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  • FAT Fair Trade
  • SUPLC Good Cause
  • MIL Eco-Friendly
  • ANF Vegan
  • Peta approved
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Short description

Eco-Friendly and Vegan Inner Tube Necklace

The retro design of the Dahlia Inner Tube Floral Necklace is perfect for those who like to make a bold statement with their jewellery. The trio of Dahlia flowers has been handcut from the reclaimed rubber of tyre inner tubes, giving a unique combination of industrial material and delicate floral design.

The necklace is available with either a cotton cord or stainless steel chain. Matching bracelet, earrings and chokers are also available.

The necklace has been handcrafted with recycled rubber in a way which is both eco-friendly and cruelty-free. Reclaimed inner tubes are a great alternative to leather, due to their similar textures and durability.

Source: Paguro Upcycle

  • Handmade using reclaimed inner tubes
  • Available with either a cotton cord or stainless steel chain with magnetic closure
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Luxury gift box
  • Size:
    Cotton Cord (adjustable) : Height 14cm; Width 13cm; Length 44-60cm; Total Height 21-31cm

80% recycled rubber, 20% new materials

Please note that there may be slight variations in colour, size and pattern from the pictured product. This reflects the handmade nature of the items and the sourcing of the upcycled materials. It also adds to the individuality and uniqueness of each item. No two products are the same.

About the brand

Brand: Paguro Upcycle focuses on making the finest upcycled products, with quality craftsmanship and contemporary design. Yen, the founder, shocked with the fast fashion industry and amazed with the creativity of recycled and upcycled products decided to find designers with their won sustainable mission and share their brilliant products. Paguro shows what can be achieved with reclaimed and repurposed materials creating quality, individual and sustainable products.

Fair Trade: The products are produced in a social enterprise in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the UK. Paguro Upcycle helps craftsmen from Asia and the UK make a profit to live a good life and visit the suppliers in Asia once a year.

Environmentally Friendly: All Paguro Upcycle products are made from recycled and upcycled materials that would otherwise have gone to a landfill or would have been incinerated.

Vegan: Paguro Upcycle is a PETA-Approved vegan.

Good Cause: Through the years they have supported donating a portion of their profits to these charities: CARE International UK, Transforming Lives for Good and Plastic Oceans.

Practical information:

Shipping rate: Free shipping in the UK

Delivery time: 3-5 business days

Address: No physical store

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