Knitted Scarf from Het Faire Oosten
Knitted Scarf from Het Faire Oosten

Knitted Scarf


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A scarf knitted from carefully selected and sustainable yarn. The combination of alpaca wool with acrylic ensures that the scarf remains beautiful for a long time and falls comfortably. The hollow fiber retains heat, so you are well protected against wind and cold.

Size: 190 x 33 cm

Material: 65% Alpaca, 35% Nylon

Source: Het Faire Oosten

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As soft as silk and warmer than wool: these are the handmade plaids and scarves made of Alpaca wool from Ecuador from Alpaca Loca. The wool of the alpaca is one of the most exclusive types of wool. Thanks to the hollow fibre, alpaca wool is very soft and light. The fibre insulates in the cold and breathes in the heat, making alpaca wool very comfortable in different weather conditions. Because alpacas live at extreme heights, their fur is adapted to extreme situations. Alpaca wool is therefore water-repellent and fire-resistant. Snow, rain and even red wine don't stand a chance with alpaca wool. Because alpaca wool does not contain lanolin, the products are hypoallergenic. The fibre is smooth and therefore the wool does not prick or itch. Are you allergic to sheep wool? Alpaca wool is suitable in 80% of the cases!

Fair trade: Alpaca Loca products are produced in Ecuador by a small community of alpaca wool weavers from a small mountain village in the Andes Mountains. These people have mastered this special craft for generations. The entire village contributes to the production of your scarf or plaid. Because these people often experience cold nights in the Andes, they know better than anyone how to make this product as warm and comfortable as possible. The products are purchased on the basis of fair trade conditions, with the result: a quality product that makes the world a little better!

Environmentally friendly: Alpaca wool is a natural material, that is made to last. The material will stay in great condition for a long time, and doesn't have to be washed often.

The Faire Oosten is a wonderful store in Amsterdam that offers makers and sustainable entrepreneurs a physical platform. The pillars of Het Faire Oosten are sustainability, craftsmanship & creativity. Their goal is to inspire, educate, empower and help the group of impact makers grow.

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