World Fair Trade Organization

In short

  • Main category: Fair trade
  • Affiliated companies adhere to the principles of the ILO
  • Companies are audited

WFTO is a Fair Trade organization that is committed to fair trade production everywhere in the world. WFTO has a guarantee system that guarantees that all members adhere to the standard. The standard of WFTO is based on the 10 Fair Trade Principles of the International Labor Organization (ILO).
The core values ​​can be summarized below:

  1. No forced labour
  2. No discrimination
  3. No child labour
  4. Employees have the right to form trade unions
  5. A humane minimum income
  6. No unreasonable working hours
  7. Safe and healthy working conditions
  8. Statutory employment contracts

The standard is constantly being revised and improved to create the best possible standard. As WFTO itself says: "The WFTO is not just a name and identity, it is an idea." WFTO believes that fair trade is a global solution.
The companies affiliated with WFTO must go through an extensive procedure to become certified. First, they have to join for membership, then they have to make a self-assessment, followed by an audit by WFTO. The WFTO audits the company approximately every 2 years, alternating with a peer review depending on how well the company is performing.

More information can be found on the WFTO website:


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