Give-away at The Driftwood Tales!

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Give-away at The Driftwood Tales!

The Driftwood Tales decided to give Santa a little help this giving season and is organizing a giveaway! You can win one of their new sweaters, of your choice. Join the win action on Instagram:

The story of these sweaters

All the clothing from The Driftwood Tales is made in close collaboration with a tailor in Bali, Indonesia: Pak Ketut. He also makes the large part of the collection when the materials are available locally. These are the collections made from linen or upcycled material.

These sweaters are made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, which was produced in India. Therefore, Pak Ketut only made the patterns for these sweaters and sent them to a GOTS certified factory in India, to save transport emissions.

The Driftwood Tales has also already been working for a while with this factory in India, and knows the working conditions well. They can ensure a fair and sustainable work environment. From this factory, the sweaters are shipped directly to the Netherlands.

The Driftwood Tales cares deeply about the people that produce their clothing, and always carefully selects the people they work with.

Beautiful sweaters with a beautiful story can be found at The Driftwood Tales!

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