Cultivating the Future of Fabric: Announcing partnership between Bedstraw + Madder X Raddis Cotton

Noor Veenhoven

Cultivating the Future of Fabric: Announcing partnership between Bedstraw + Madder X Raddis Cotton

Bedstraw + Madder working with Raddis is transforming the cotton industry by creating a transparent farm–product value chain with a proven positive footprint for people and the planet.

This is a story of revival, we make chemical-free, regenerative clothing to highlight a new model for best practice.

Vanessa and Primrose - Co founders of Bedstraw + Madder

Bedstraw + Madder is delighted to partner with Raddis to create transparent, chemical-free clothing that restores our ecosystems, biodiversity and climate whilst empowering communities.

The Raddis®System is based on a farm impact subscription model which links your cotton demand in yarn, fabric and finished products to the assigned acres of farmland with organic “in-conversion” cotton cultivation. Over the next five years, they are working to:

  • Convert 25,000 acres of cotton from degenerative to regenerative production systems
  • Increase water retention capacity by 20-30%
  • Increase farm biodiversity (species and genetic) by 100%
  • Remove 12125 kgs of toxic pesticides
  • Remove 2742500 KG of synthetic fertilizers
  • Eliminate GMOs from 25,000 acres
  • Double the income of 12,500 farmers by increasing premiums and reducing the cost of cultivation.
  • Sequester 16,175 tonnes of carbon in the soil, and remove 60,000 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.

This is not just about environmental impact; women do 80% of the work done in the fields. Raddis takes a holistic approach, focusing on empowering women, and regenerating communities alongside the land.

Through our farmers, we return to the soil much more than we take from it .

Aneel Kumar Ambavaram – Raddis founder

Bedstraw + Madder is a new British label founded by two women on a mission to do less harm and actively revive our planet by creating a regenerative fashion label using 100 % natural plant dyes with zero chemicals made with 100% organic unbleached organic cotton.

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