9 Best Sustainable Fashion Podcasts (& How to Choose)

Giada Nizzoli

9 Best Sustainable Fashion Podcasts (& How to Choose)

Are you trying to ditch fast fashion and make more ethical clothing choices?

Then listening to a sustainable fashion podcast is a great way of learning while being entertained, especially during your commute, walks, and dead time.

Nowadays, there are so many podcasts on sustainable fashion—which is super inspiring, but also… where can you start?!

Right here!

(No more decision overwhelm.)

How to find the best sustainable fashion podcast for you

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At the end of the day, it’s down to personal preference. But we think the right podcast should hit the sweet spot when it comes to:

  • Host – Most ethical fashion podcasts have different guests, but if you don’t vibe with the actual host, you probably won’t enjoy those episodes 
  • Focus – Sustainable fashion is a BROAD subject. So, choose a podcast that tackles the areas you care about the most or that has an angle you’re interested in
  • Duration – Some people prefer snappier 20-30 minute episodes, some others want to dive deep into each topic for a full hour (or even longer). What about you?

So, to make things easier, we’ve rounded up some of the best sustainable fashion podcasts and broken them down accordingly.

9 best sustainable fashion podcasts for eco-conscious consumers (like you)

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1. Wardrobe Crisis

Hosted by: Clare Press, fashion journalist, entrepreneur, and author

Focus of this sustainable fashion podcast: uncomfortable issues from climate change to pollution and exploited garment workers. Clare has a wide range of guest experts and change-makers, like models, activists, economists, and more. She often approaches her podcasts with a touch of humour, too

Average podcast length: 50 min

2. Conscious Chatter

Hosted by: Kestrel Jenkins, sustainability consultant and storyteller

Focus of this sustainable fashion podcast: “where what we wear matters.” This ethical fashion podcast covers both style and sustainability, deconstructing the oppressive systems behind our clothes. Kestrel interviews experts like designers and entrepreneurs but also people who rarely get a voice in the matter, such as farmers and factory workers

Average podcast length: 40-60 min

3. Sustainably Influenced Podcast

Hosted by: Bianca Foley, sustainable fashion advocate and founder of the Sustainably Influenced platform

Focus of this sustainable fashion podcast: helping consumers make more ethical choices. This podcast features several sustainability experts, and it’s ideal if you’re trying to understand ethical fashion, its terms, and how you can start making an actual difference

Average podcast length: 30-40 min

4. Clotheshorse

Hosted by: Amanda Lee McCarty, consultant and content creator

Focus of this sustainable fashion podcast: “the podcast that loves clothes but hates capitalism.” Clotheshorse tackles overconsumption and decodes the horrors and secrets of the fashion industry (like its hidden strategies, confusing language, and the high cost behind cheap clothes). With most episodes being longer than 2h, it reeeeeally dives deep into each topic. Some episodes are led by the host themselves and some others have guest experts, too

Average podcast length: 2h

5. Vintage or Violence

Hosted by: award-winning designer Bobby Kolade and filmmaker Nikissi Serumag

Focus of this sustainable fashion podcast: limited series exploring the impact of second-hand clothing in Uganda, with a focus on identity, the future of the textile industry, and the problem of waste colonialism

Average podcast length: 25 min

6. The Ethical Fashion Podcast

Hosted by: UN officer Simone Cipriani and Clare Press, sustainable fashion journalist and host of the Wardrobe Crisis podcast

Focus of this sustainable fashion podcast: illustrating the UN’s initiatives to make fashion more sustainable and ethical (which are mainly about bridging marginalised artisan communities with international fashion brands). This podcast features interviews with designers, stylists, entrepreneurs, trailblazers, creatives, and activists, often sharing their stories and how they’re helping bring about change

Average podcast length: 45 min

7. Pre-Loved Podcast

Hosted by: Emily M Stochl, blogger and seller

Focus of this sustainable fashion podcast: second-hand and vintage fashion. Emily and her guests talk about style, slow and sustainable fashion, and how to thrift in a more conscious way—but also the reality behind running a clothing business  

Average podcast length: 1h

8. Crash Course Fashion

Hosted by: Brittany Sierra, entrepreneur, speaker, and founder of The Sustainable Fashion Forum

Focus of this sustainable fashion podcast: the difficult relationship and balance between sustainability, business, and fashion. Each episode has one or more guest experts, including industry insiders and change-makers

Average podcast length: 50 min

9. Style with Substance

Hosted by: Lucy Kebbell, founder of The Vendeur

Focus of this sustainable fashion podcast: greenwashing and the myths and secrets that surround this industry. From renting to recycling and thrifting, you’ll learn more about each topic with the help of different experts 

Average podcast length: 30 min

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