Best Sustainable Fashion Resources: Ultimate, Simple Guide

Giada Nizzoli

Best Sustainable Fashion Resources: Ultimate, Simple Guide

Are you looking to learn more about slow fashion and make ethical clothing choices? High five!

There are all kinds of sustainable fashion resources out there—which is great but it also means… it’s easy to get overwhelmed and go down a rabbit hole.

Plus, we all prefer to learn in different ways.

So, we brought some of the most useful ethical fashion resources in one place, divided them into categories, and added simple summaries for you.

Best sustainable fashion books

Home decor with sustainable fashion books

Best fast fashion and sustainable fashion documentaries

Popcorn to watch the best sustainable fashion documentaries

  • The True Cost by Andrew Morgan – The contrast between the catwalk, oblivious consumers, and the exploited workers who made those clothes
  • RiverBlue by David McIlvride & Roger Williams – How fast fashion is killing rivers by dumping toxic dyes and chemicals
  • The Machinists by Hannan Majid and Richard York – Looking at fast fashion through the eyes of exploited garment workers
  • Bitter Seeds by Micha X. Peled – The sad and dangerous reality of cotton farming
  • Fashion’s Dirty Secrets by Stacey Dooley – Travelling around the world to uncover the damage caused by fast fashion and help passers-by open their eyes
  • Alex James: Slowing Down Fast Fashion by Ben Akers – A focus on unsustainable consumerism
  • The Next Black by David Dworsky & Victor Kohler – A hopeful overview of the technologies and innovations shaping the future of sustainable fashion

Best sustainable fashion podcasts

Phone with podcasts and resources on sustainable fashion

  • Wardrobe Crisis – Tackling uncomfortable issues like climate change and exploited garment workers (50 min)
  • Conscious Chatter – Covering both style and sustainability from an ethical perspective (40-60 min)
  • Sustainably Influenced Podcast – Helping and inspiring you to embrace a more sustainable clothing lifestyle (30-40 min)
  • Clotheshorse –  The podcast that loves clothes but hates capitalism, as they say (2h)
  • Vintage or Violence – Mini-series on waste colonialism and the impact of second-hand clothing in Uganda (25 min)
  • The Ethical Fashion Podcast – How the UN is helping bring about change and bridging marginalised artisan communities with big fashion brands (45 min)
  • Pre-Loved Podcast – Ranging from slow fashion to thrifting more consciously and the behind-the-scenes of running a clothing business (1h)
  • Crash Course Fashion – Balancing sustainability, business, and fashion (50 min)
  • Style with Substance – Revealing the myths, secrets and tricks that surround the fashion industry (30 min)

Best sustainable fashion bloggers and influencers

Friends using a laptop in a cafe and following ethical fashion influencers

  • Aja Barber – Looking at intersectionality and highlighting the exploitation behind fast fashion
  • A Clothes Horse – Inspiring you to live slowly and sustainably, finding moments of #QuietInTheWild
  • Gittemary – Helping you reduce your environmental impact, from slow fashion to food and zero-waste tips
  • Aditi Mayer – A visual storyteller exploring style, sustainability, and social justice
  • Literally Nataly – Conscious lifestyle and ethical luxury
  • Alyson Morgan – Ecofeminist and naturalist sharing slow folk living
  • The Woodland & Wife – Reconnecting with nature in all aspects of everyday lives, including fashion
  • Candice Tay – Slow fashion, minimal and sustainable living, and motherhood
  • Project Cece – Yes, it’s us… and it’s the very blog you’re already reading! We explore fast and sustainable fashion with jargon-free articles to help you make more ethical clothing choices 

Best sustainable fashion newsletters

Consumer reading some of the best sustainable fashion resources and newsletters on a laptop

  • Nuance Required – Go beyond the surface or the ‘black and white’ mentality in fashion (biweekly)
  • Alec Leach’s newsletter – Long-form issues to make sense of fashion in an age of crisis (weekly)
  • Conscious Edit – Tips and insights to balance your passion for fashion and sustainability (weekly) 
  • Mumster Movement – Initiatives, tools, and inspiration to get involved and take action (biweekly)
  • The Titan Thread – Sustainable fashion resources, news, and stories to stay in the loop (monthly)
  • Project Cece – Yep, we have a newsletter, too! Useful tips, our latest blog posts, and a spotlight on new sustainable brands: we share actionable advice and inspiration to help you make sustainable clothing choices (monthly)

Best sustainable fashion organisations to get involved 

Activists during a protest

  • Fashion Revolution – The world’s largest fashion activism movement
  • Slow Fashion Movement – A global movements with meetings and activities in different countries, giving you both sustainable fashion resources and a community
  • Remake – A global organisation advocating for fair pay and climate justice in the fashion industry
  • Clean Clothes Campaign – Educating consumers and supporting fashion workers who fight for their rights

Simple sustainable fashion guides and overviews

Laptop with sustainable fashion resources

And the ultimate resource to find sustainable fashion clothes easily

We hope our list of resources on sustainable fashion will help you start learning and taking action. 

But we know how overwhelming and difficult it can be to find ethical clothes when… you don’t know where to look for them! We used to be in your (fast fashion) shoes, too.

That’s why we decided to do something about it and create Project Cece.

We’re a search engine for ethical fashion, bringing hundreds of fair trade brands in one place and adding filters to narrow down your choices.

Find the right clothes for your style and ethos.

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