21 Positive Affirmations to Quit Fast Fashion & Shop Mindfully

Giada Nizzoli

21 Positive Affirmations to Quit Fast Fashion & Shop Mindfully

You know fast fashion is bad. You’re trying to stop buying clothes you don’t need. You want to support more sustainable brands instead (well done, you!).

But it’s still HARD to resist that urge when you see a £10 dress online or a flashy sale as you walk into town, isn’t it?

Then, here’s a little trick you can try: positive affirmations to stop buying fast fashion clothes and start (or keep) making more sustainable choices.

What are positive affirmations?

Positive affirmations are meaningful and empowering statements you can repeat to challenge negative thoughts or behaviours.

For example, a positive affirmation to stop buying clothes can be “I am already worthy without this new garment” (but of course, we have many more waiting for you later down this article!).

Example of a positive affirmation written on a pad

Can positive affirmations help you overcome your shopping addiction and quit fast fashion?

Yes, they certainly can!

Positive affirmations can make you feel more confident and motivated, reinforce your self-worth, and help with neuroplasticity.

What’s that scientific-sounding word, you ask?

Neuroplasticity is the ability to change the activity of your nervous system (yes, you can retrain and rewire your brain!).

If you always tell yourself “I just can’t stop buying new clothes” or “I’m such a fashion addict”, your brain will identify with that. 

And of course, you're reinforcing this belief every time you act accordingly (like doing yet another clothing haul on SHEIN).

But our brains can’t always tell the difference between what’s real and what’s in your mind

So, if you replace those thoughts with positive affirmations along the lines of “I am in control of my desires and purchases”? Your brain will start identifying with that instead.

But even though positive affirmations can help you ditch fast fashion, we need to be realistic: they’re not enough on their own. You also need to act upon them.

So, here’s what else you can do to stop buying clothes you don’t need:

  • Get clear on why it’s important to you (it’ll help you stay motivated!)
  • Remind yourself of the problems with fast fashion
  • Identify your fast fashion triggers (when and where do you get the urge to buy new clothes? Or in what situation? Is it when you hang out with a specific friend or watch a TV show?)
  • Remove your biggest temptations, like deleting your shopping apps and unfollowing influencers who promote fashion overconsumption
  • Come up with alternatives. For example, if you usually buy new clothes to celebrate or as shopping therapy, what can you do instead to treat yourself?

When you also do this, THAT’S when positive affirmations become super helpful and effective!

Now, the exciting part: finding your favourite ones! You’re welcome to borrow a few positive affirmations from our list.

21 positive affirmations to overcome your shopping addiction and quit fast fashion

Consumer repeating positive affirmations to stop buying clothes, in front of a mirror

    1. I am strong and can do anything I set my mind to: that’s why I’m free from my old fast fashion addiction
    2. I already have all the clothes I need right now 
    3. I know my worth, and it’s separate from fast fashion trends and new purchases 
    4. I am already worthy without this new garment
    5. I always cherish and rewear my favourite clothes 
    6. I love creating new outfits with the items I already own 
    7. I can save money and spend it more mindfully because I quit fast fashion
    8. I feel healthier and am the best version of myself when I resist my fast fashion addiction
    9. I already have a wardrobe full of clothes that make me feel happy whenever I wear them 
    10. I get a 100% discount if I don’t buy this 
    11. I am in control of my desires and purchases
    12. I love my current wardrobe
    13. I only buy clothes I need and that match my signature style 
    14. I only buy clothes I’ll rewear at least 30 times
    15. I am financially responsible and only make healthy and empowering choices
    16. I treat myself without buying new fast fashion clothes 
    17. I have all the tools and the right mindset to be happy without this purchase
    18. I choose to spend my money on fewer and better garments made ethically
    19. I only support fashion brands that are good for the planet and treat their workers right 
    20.  I keep making ethical fashion choices 
    21.   I am part of the change and sustainable fashion revolution

These are just some of our own and favourite positive affirmations to quit fast fashion.

We hope you’ve found a few that speak to you. Or how about creating your own?

Coming up with your own positive affirmations to ditch fast fashion

Set yourself up for success by:

  • Focusing on what matters the most to you
  • Using the present tense, as if it’s already your reality – Remember? We can trick our brain! For example, don’t say “I will overcome my fast fashion addiction.” Say “I’ve overcome my fast fashion addiction”
  • Avoiding negative statements – Affirmations along the lines of “I don’t need this new garment” might sound promising. However, sometimes, your brain can actually end up focusing on the last part alone: “need this new garment.” So, instead, say something like “I am already worthy without this new garment” (positive sentence)

Consumer coming up with positive affirmations to stop buying clothes

How to use your positive affirmations to stop buying fast fashion clothes

This is really personal—so you might want to experiment with a few different things to find what works best for YOU—but here are some ideas:

  • Repeat (or write down) your positive affirmations regularly – How about doing that in front of the mirror when getting ready to start your day?
  • … but especially when you encounter a trigger – Make this your new rule: whenever you feel like getting your wallet out to buy another fast fashion garment? You have to repeat your favourite affirmations X times
  • Visualise it – Don’t just repeat it like a parrot. Picture yourself doing and feeling like… whatever you’re mentioning (like being happy as you rewear your existing clothes)
  • Turn your favourite positive affirmation into a wallpaper – Open Canva and create a colourful phone wallpaper with your main affirmation. Then, look at it whenever you feel tempted. Or if you tend to buy clothes online from your laptop, use a desktop wallpaper instead

Now that you’ve got a plan and some positive affirmations to quit fast fashion, we bet you’re going to SMASH that goal!

And why not share this list with your friends to help them find the right positive affirmations for them?

And if you thought this was helpful, start receiving our tips and inspiration to make even more sustainable fashion choices.

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