How to Dress Like a Main Character (Sustainably!)

Melissa Wijngaarden

How to Dress Like a Main Character (Sustainably!)

For some people, “main character energy” seems to mean they’re better than everyone else, but in our opinion, it’s all about romanticising our lives and embracing your uniqueness.

Are we on the same page? Excellent! 

Then, if you want to feel more like that type of main character, focusing on what you wear can have the BIGGEST impact, both from a visual perspective and for your happiness and confidence level

And, what we love the most about dressing like a main character is that it goes hand in hand with ethical fashion.

Here’s why, together with our step-by-step guide on how to dress like a main character sustainably.

Why dressing like a main character will make your wardrobe more sustainable

Friends dressed like main characters

From unethical brands that upload thousands of new garments every week to influencers who promote overconsumption: fast fashion pushes you to buy random clothes regularly to keep up with trends, avoid FOMO, and chase a dopamine rush.

But because these throwaway clothes don’t really feel like “you”, you get tired of them quickly and -on average- discard them after only wearing them 7 times or less (which, unfortunately, adds to the 92 million tonnes of textile waste produced every year).

And since fast fashion keeps you trapped in a vicious cycle of needing new dopamine hits, you’ll buy more of these clothes with a high hidden cost (like sweatshops, problematic materials, and a production process that’s terrible for the environment).

When you start dressing like a main character, on the other hand, it becomes easier to ditch fast fashion and this mindset. Why?

Because main characters don't chase trends: they have their own, unique style.

So, once you start expressing yourself by dressing in a timeless way that feels authentic? You’ll no longer feel the need to keep buying random fast fashion clothes.

Instead, you’ll feel happier whenever you rewear your most iconic outfits.

6 tips to start dressing like a main character in a sustainable way 

Woman dressed like a main character sustainably

1. Find your signature style 

If you’re thinking “I have no clue,” don’t worry: it’s all about having fun with your clothes again, rather than let trends dictate what you'll be wearing. So:

  • Start from what’s already in your wardrobe – What items do you love and wear most often? What do they have in common? (Bonustip: you could wardrobe tracking apps to help you track this)
  • Think of your favourite “main characters” – Film protagonists, TV-show characters, celebrities, influencers with a more consistent style… What draws you to them?
  • Describe this style – Look at what you have so far, and try to describe it with a few adjectives or names of aesthetics (like “feminine normcore aesthetic,” “70s sporty chic” or “pastel-like and floral”
  • Start browsing – Use your new keywords to find some inspiration on visual platforms like Pinterest!

2. Choose what makes this main-character style unique for you

First of all, there’s no right or wrong: this is YOUR style! But here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Colours – Pick a palette or a specific colour that will appear in most of your outfits (as a main piece or even a small accessory)
  • Patterns – Maybe you could be known for wearing polka dots, zebra prints, floral patterns, and so on
  • Garment type – Or how about building your main character energy around dungarees? Short dresses? Denim jeans? You get the gist

3. Don’t forget about accessories and conversation starters

To make your main character energy even stronger, get in the habit of accessorising your outfits (psst! This will also make it easier to rewear the same items in different ways without getting bored).

For example, you could play with headbands, ties, jewellery, colourful tights, statement bags, and more.

4. Additional tips to give off main character energy with your outfits

If it fits your aesthetic and preferences, you could also consider: 

  • Monochrome pieces – Choose them over cheesy prints or overly distracting designs
  • Bold colours – Vibrant colours will pop more than neutrals
  • Occasional prints – Pair up some monochrome pieces with one bold print
  • Hero piece – A penny lane coat, embroidered dungarees… If you have a particularly memorable statement piece, you could get in the habit of wearing it more often and in different ways

Golden accessory to look like a main character sustainably
This ring from Loft & Daughter refers to the Hindu goddess Durga, who is often depicted riding a white lion. The lion is a symbol of strength, power and courage, all qualities embodied by Durga. This striking vintage-inspired signet ring serves as a reminder of these traits within us all.  Loft & Daughter - €129


5. Embrace repeat outfits

There are some characters and celebrities whose signature looks are so iconic that we just can’t picture them without them. Think of Audrey Hepburn’s little black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany's, Cher Horowitz’s yellow plaid suit in Clueless, or Princess Diana’s “revenge dress”.

So, if you want to dress like a main character (and do so more sustainably), ditch the fast fashion belief that you should be seen with different outfits every time. Instead:

  • Keep rewearing the clothes combinations that make you feel inspired, happy, and confident: they’ll become your iconic main-character outfits
  • Remix them! Create new outfits by wearing the same item (for example, your dungarees) with different combinations and accessories (like a black top, orange t-shirt, a checkered blouse, different necklaces, a headband, and so on) 
  • Dress the same outfits up and down (for example, a pair of jeans can go from casual to smart when you add a blazer)

6. Buy less but better, honouring your main-character style and supporting ethical brands

No more buying clothes out of FOMO or to follow someone else’s trends!

Focus on those that match your style and main character energy. And because you’ll buy fewer clothes, it’ll be easier to do so more consciously:

  • Invest in timeless items that were made to last and ethically, with sustainable materials and produced by garment workers who are treated well
  • Sustainable garments tend to cost a bit more, but because you’ll buy fewer items and keep them for longer, their cost per wear will be lower. So, you can support more ethical brands and save money in the long run! And that’s why dressing like a main character goes so well with sustainable fashion
  • As for how to find clothes that match your main character energy and ethical preferences: at Project Cece, we brought hundreds of fair trade brands in one place and added filters to narrow down your choices

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