Brand: Alohas

Brand: ALOHAS believe overproduction is one of the biggest problems of the current fashion industry that is why they work only with a pre-order system and use vegan and sustainable materials.

Fair Trade: ALOHAS likes to keep their production local in Spain, designed in Barcelona and ethically producing in Alicante. This allows them to visit the workshops regularly to ensure that they produce in a fair manner and a pleasant working environment.

Local Production: The shoes, clothing, and accessories are made locally in Spain.

Environmentally Friendly: Alohas fights overproduction by making clothing on demand. This will make sure that they rarely have overstock. The leather that they use is certified by the Leather Working Group, which makes the production process more sustainable, but we don't consider this a sustainable material within Project Cece. Alohas isn't awarded our Environmentally-Friendly label, because they don't use enough sustainable materials.

Vegan: Some shoes are made entirely of vegan material. You can use the 100% vegan material filter to find them.