Brand: Atelier D'Afrique

Atelier D'Afrique is a brand in Ghana that sells beautiful products with an African look and feel. The clothing is made from fabrics purchased at the Ghanaian markets, with which the brand tries to stimulate the local economy. Fabrics are thrown away as little as possible and accessories are made from residual materials. Atelier D'Afrique is a made-to-order brand, which means that they will only make the clothing after you have ordered it. You can choose a model and the fabric that you want it to be made of. The clothing is then produced and sent to you from Ghana.

All clothing from Atelier D'Afrique is produced and designed in their own workshop. The designers receive an above-average local wage, free accommodation and permanent contracts. In addition, they try to give young people, mostly young and single mothers, the opportunity to learn the profession within the company by training them for a small salary.

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