Brand: Audella Athleisure

Audella Athleisure is a brand that aims to empower South African women, by supporting them with fair work. The founder of the brand, Anasja Brand, was born in South Africa and raised under the Ubuntu philosophy: Living a life of compassion and humanity. With Audella Athleisure, Anasja wants to give modern women self-confidence with a comfortable sportswear and casual wear collection. 

Fair trade: The clothing is produced in a small factory in South Africa that employs 16 women. These women used to work at a large clothing factory that didn't survive Covid. One of the team members decided to register her own company, and she employed 15 of her colleagues that worked with her in the factory. They had very limited finance and managed to secure a venue on the property of her family, where she added sanitation facilities and access to water for the workers to have a comfortable environment.

The women in the factory work in good working conditions, and get paid far above minimum wage, very close to living wage.

Environmentally friendly: Audella Athleisure works with locally sourced cotton, of which 40% is BCI certified, in the future she wants to use more BCI certified cotton. They use two technical sportswear fabrics from Brazil. The CO2 Light material is made from biodegradable nylon (AMNI Soul Eco). The other material is made from regular polyamide, but they are planning to switch to a Lycra made from recycled polyester.

Vegan: Audella Athleisure doesn't use any animal products.  

Good cause: Due to water limitations within areas in South Africa, the factory is challenged with water supply. Audella Athleisure is going to help them with a water reservoir on the property as a first project for their partnership. They are also going to meet the women in January 2023 to provide all their children in school with back-to-school packs, with bags and stationery.