Brand: Bibico

Brand: Bibico is a brand that knows that they cannot save the world all by themselves, but that they can at least do their part. That is why they have chosen to only use natural materials, free from plastic and harm to the planet. Their design is timeless and their clothes are made to last. 

Fair Trade: They understand very well that you should not let people work for a wage they cannot live on. That is why they work together with two women's cooperatives, both of which are WFTO fair trade certified. These cooperatives not only ensure fair trade but also provide training for women so that they can work their way out of poverty.

Environmentally Friendly: When it comes to materials nature knows best that is why Bibico only uses natural materials such as mulesing-free wool and cotton. They also started an organic cotton collection to minimize the chemicals exposure that is dumped into the environment.