Brand: blondegonerogue

blondegonerogue believes in transparency and is very proud of its transparent supply chain. The label upcycles deadstock materials into cheerful, colourful clothing. In addition, they find it very important to talk to their customers and give tips for the best looks.

Fair trade:  All collections are made in the birthplace of blondegonerogue 'Ruse' in Bulgaria. They work closely with the production team and ensure that there is a pleasant working environment where everyone is treated with respect. The blondegonerogue designer goes to Bulgaria about 5 times a year to visit the production site.

Environmentally friendly: The clothing is made of different materials. The latest T-shirt collection is made from GOTS certified organic cotton. In addition, blondegonerogue uses deadstock materials, recycled materials and cupro, and Tencel. They are also conscious of their water consumption. The label works according to a zero-waste principle, whereby they use up everything from the material. The packaging materials are made from corn starch and are therefore easily biodegradable.

Locally produced:  The items are made in Bulgaria, so in Europe.