Brand: Bond Morgan

Bond Morgan is a designer with a degree in sustainable fashion. Their first product, the mutatio bag, was nominated for the Green Product Award 2021, and future products are designed and created with sustainable and ethical practices at the heart of everything. Bond Morgan is a designer that encourages everyone to invest in a few things that can go a long way. As a brand, they are committed to sustainability and a better and more ethical lifestyle. Creating accessories that can be worn time and time again in multiple ways.

Fair trade: The items from Bond Morgan are ethically produced in a factory in Leicester, UK. The materials are mostly sourced Europe, from certified suppliers.

Environmentally friendly: Bond Morgan only uses sustainable materials. They use Econyl, nylon made from recycled fishnets and carpets. This material is made in Italy and is Oekotex 100 certified, so free from harmful chemicals. They also use Piñatex®, a vegan leather made from pineapple waste. This pineapple waste is sourced in the Phillippines and the material is made in Spain and Italy. The material is Peta-approved vegan, and the company that makes Piñatex® is B Corp certified. The other leather alternative they use is Desserto®, made from the nopal cactus. This material is made in Mexico and has many sustainable properties. Finally, they also use NATULON® recycled PET, made from recycled PET bottles, and Bluesign certified.

Bond Morgan uses sustainable packaging, such as recycled cardboard, organic dust bags, and bamboo.

Vegan: The products from Bond Morgan are completely vegan.

Locally produced: The production takes place in Europe, and most materials are also sourced in Europe.

Good Cause: Bond Morgan works with DWP kickstart scheme which is a government initiative in UK to help young people with a distance to the labour market back to work. They currently employ 11 young people that were at risk of long term unemployment due to COVID. They give them daily training and support their early careers. Bond Morgan also plants a tree for every purchase.

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