Being a knitter for the past few years, Liesbeth Van Den Plas had the idea to start working on essential knitwear items to accomplish the perfect wardrobe. The main goal is to develop and create knitwear that combines timeless chic and feminine designs with comfort and quality - that is what she does with CLUB KNIT. Knitting one sweater takes up a lot of time and care (more than 20 hours) but has amazing results! 

Ethically produced: Every single item is handcrafted in her atelier in Zurich, Switzerland. Club Knit works on demand, which means a knit is only made as soon as an order comes in. This process is a great way to limit waste and to have the opportunity to take special requests into account.

Eco-friendly: Liesbeth only uses natural materials, 0% synthetic materials. She sources her wool only from animals that are looked after by small family farms. These animals are gently shorn with much care - no mulesing involved. The yarns are then dyed using low impact dyes certified by both REACH and Oeko-Tex, reassuring that no harmful substance were used to dye these beautiful and softest yarns. 

Locally produced: the knits are all locally made in Swiss, in Europe.