Brand: CoralBloom

CoralBloom is a family-run business launched in 2020 that is deeply passionate about connecting its audience to the rich biodiversity of South Africa. Their homeware, stationary and accessory range aims to celebrate the beauty of South Africa's diverse fauna & flora Cape Flora and to bring nature indoors. 

Ethically produced: the items are locally made in South Africa. The wonderful family behind CoralBloom has always had a heart driven passion and synergistic dynamic where they love bringing together everyone's unique skills. Founder Michelle has a background in Botany and is a self-taught artist and designer. The naturalist paintings fusing traditional and modernist watercolor designs are her mother's and sister's creations, who are both self-taught artists.

Eco-friendly: CoralBloom ensures that materials and suppliers are sourced locally and only works with printers who use eco-friendly water-based inks and energy-saving equipment. Their range is currently available in pure cotton and hemp. To prevent wastage, they keep a few items in stock and have digital catalogues so that products are made on demand. Layouts for printing are meticulously planned to minimize offcuts and wastage.

Good cause: CoralBloom has committed to donating 5% of the sales to YouStartSmarter, a dedicated study fund enabling tuition and other educational oportunities to be awarded to deserving high school students who would otherwise be denied access.