Brand: Cuitu

Cuitu bags and hats are produced fair trade in Turku, Finland. The workshop and studio of Cuitu are under the same roof, which ensures that the working conditions can be kept under control. The main material that Cuitu uses for the bags is surplus from dry suit production in Finland: a waterproof rubber material. Because no extra special glue has been used, the bag is not completely waterproof, but it is splash-proof. The zippers and straps come from Italy, where they are produced under pleasant conditions. The buckles come from a Finnish wholesaler, who sources the buckles from Sweden and Italy. The wholesaler provides certificates of the factories where these buckles come from. The inner labels are made of organic cotton and are made in Finland. These Finnish manufacturers have more than 70 years of experience in sustainable label printing. Cuitu follows a zero-waste policy and aims to make sustainable bags of high quality. Cuitu likes to support small, local entrepreneurs and encourages young people in schools and through local start-up projects to consider entrepreneurship. The Cuitu team is also encouraged to make sustainable choices in daily life, such as taking the bicycle or public transport to work.