Brand: Evervital

Designed for contemporary living across travel, professional, active and social life, Evervital empowers the modern woman to be naturally strong, holistically centred and internally nourished, for her to succeed in al endeavours. As an athleisure brand, Evervital has an overall environmental and social conscious holistic approach. 

Ethically produced: Evervital produces all their activewear in Portugal, in a manufacture that ensures that all parts of their production process are safe, efficient and focuses on the health of the workers. Their waterbottles are made in the UK by a B Corp certified manufacturer. 

Eco-friendly: Evervital's fabrics are mainly from Italian companies based in Europe, to minimise their carbon footprint. They dedicate a lot of time to researching new fabrics that have used sustainable fibres and processes. For example their BR4 Fabrics are knit with 100% bio-based polyamide, sourced from castor bean with no impact on food chain neither animal or human. The result is a fabric with super stretch and comfort, quick-drying, anti-bacterial, chlorine and solvent resistant. Their recycled plastic element to some of their products is a 100% regenerated nylon yarn derived from pre- and post-industrial waste such as discarded fishing nets or carpet fluffs. 

Locally produced: the production takes place in Europe.