Brand: Hide The Label

Hide The Label is a beautiful women's clothing brand from London. The brand was started by the siblings Shereen and Ryan Barrett, because they thought things had to change in the fashion industry. That is why they produce stylish and ethical clothing. The clothing is produced under fair working conditions by a small factory in China, which they have often visited to check the working conditions. They try to help the factory to become certified, but because it is such a small supplier, it is still quite expensive.

Hide The Label makes 80% of their clothing from recycled polyester, for the rest they use viscose. They do not dye the clothes, but print digitally on the clothes, which saves a lot of water. The dyes are on a water basis and free from animal products. The materials used are also free of animal products, making Hide The Label a vegan brand. In addition, all clothing is transported by train, this saves a lot of CO2. Finally, the clothing tags are made from recycled paper.

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