Brand: J LABEL

J LABEL loves fashion, but loves our planet even more. And fashion should not be at the expense of our planet!

Fair trade: All garments are produced in GOTS and SA8000 certified factories, primarily in India, which are carefully selected by experts to produce each garment ethically and fairly. The factories pay a fair price to the workers and work on 'women empowerment'. 

Environmentally friendly: J-LABEL uses organic cotton, FSC Viscose, Kapok (fibres from the ripe fruits of the Kapok tree), recycled cashmere, organic mulesing-free wool and they upcycle leftover materials. The brand offsets CO2 from shipping by sea by planting trees through Trees For All.

Good cause: Some garments are linked to a social project. These garments are clearly labelled in the webshop. A percentage of the profit from these products is donated to this social project, which has to do with improving the lives of people or animals.