Brand: Kali Home

Create instant ambiance and curate your home consciously with these beautiful scented candles by Kali Home. Inspired by contemporary architecture and ancient sculptures, each candle is individually hand-poured by the founder. With quality and sustainability always at the heart, the candles are made from 3 key components: pure, sustainably sources soy wax, luxury fragrances and oils, premium cotton ribbon wicks. What makes these candles special and unline other candles, these are 100% toxic- and paraben-free. 

Ethically produced: Since returning to the UK in March 2021, Harriet's focus has been on making the space she inhabits as aesthetically pleasing as can be. Through this, she found candle making. Now she has found her passion, she cannot imagine ever not doing it! The candles are made in her small studio in London. 

Eco-friendly: the candles are made from soy wax. The candles do not include paraffin wax and phthalates which are toxic chemicals that can be usually found in most conventional candles. Yes, your home can smell great without compromising your health!

Vegan friendly: the soy wax is vegan. 

Locally produced: the candles are made locally in the UK.