Brand: Kikooni

Happy vibes! The cosmetic bags and purses by Kikooni from Guatemala have one thing in common: colorful lightness and an upcycled character! A Guatemalan women’s collective in San Martin weaves the products on a “back-strap” loom and uses them to create wonderful accessories that are characterized by high and robust quality.

Ethically produced: The women’s collective consists of a total of 400 women who jointly run a completely independent company. Spread over 17 weaving mills, they work in the highlands of Guatemala on special accessories such as cosmetic bags, purses, bags and jewelry. Kikooni likes to pay a price that is reasonable for the work, they want to help people help themselves and be a support in improving the standard of living of women and their families.

Supports the local community: In the name of the #womenempowerwomen movement, Kikooni is proud partners and grateful for the opportunity to spray feminine uniqueness in the western world!