Brand: L'Envers

In French, L'Envers means the opposite, the reverse. "Faire les choses à l'envers" means doing things in a different way, offering an alternative to fast fashion. This is what L'Envers stands for. They believe in consuming less, and when you produce, things are made in a better way; in consciously, carefully and slowly.

Ethically produced: Since 2015, all items have been knitted in small family workshops in Spain and France, home of founder Julie and her family. In this country where fast fashion prevails, they wanted to give a voice to local artisans specializing in sustainable knitwear, who have suffered from the relocation of the textile industry to Asia.

Eco-friendly:  The knitwear is made from natural and fair Merino, Yak -, Mohair, and Alpaca wool and the brand also uses organic cotton and organic hemp.

Locally produced:  the items are all locally made in Europe.