Brand: L'LYYL

The team from the label L'LYYL has worked very hard to make the brand happen. They work with a material from 100% recycled fabric, which is very new in the home country Thailand. But with strong passion to create such a better ecosystem for the fashion industry, they pursued their dream to make a change in the industry. 

Ethically produced: the items are ethically made in an atelier in Thailand. Also the fabric manufacturer is in Thailand. The team from L'LYYL visits the production location generally 3 times/week. The working conditions are clean and organized and the workers are paid a fair (living) wage. 

Eco-friendly: the clothing is made from 100% recycled materials. L'LYYL uses recycled cotton and recycled polyester. The fabric is certified by Oeko-Tex and the Global Recycle Standard. 

Good Cause: L'LYYL supports 'Fashion Revolution Thailand', who is working for a change in the fashion industry towards ethical and sustainable production.

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