Brand: Mocha

Mocha, established in 2020, is rooted in the idea of bringing awareness and sharing their journey of slow fashion, focusing on simple and timeless design in natural colors mother earth has given us. Their aim is to slow down the fast-paced industry because it's our duty more than ever, to be more thoughtful with our buying choices. By shopping slow fashion items, you help to reduce the demand for fast fashion by approaching things with an honest mindset.

Ethically produced: Mocha's slow fashion collection is carefully handmade in Germany and Serbia.

Eco-friendly: They love nature. That’s why Mocha loves to use pure raw materials that come from the earth, such as linen and organic cotton. These materials are dyed with plants, and since they aren’t treated with chemicals eventually they would be able to biodegrade back into the earth where they came from. All orders are shipped plastic free in organic cotton mesh cages & eco-friendly craft mailers or boxes sealed with paper tape. Their shipping labels are biodegradable.

Vegan: Mocha is vegan-friendly. 

Locally produced: all items are made within Europe.