Brand: Mooi door mij

The products of 'Mooi door mij' do not only live up to their name. Besides being beautiful, they also all tell a story. The creator's story. Someone with a (mental) disability who, by making the products, gains appreciation for his or her work. The maker, who grows as a result and, above all, is very happy.This is the reason why the ZOdIEZiJN foundation has developed the label 'Mooi door mij'.

Ethically produced: The makers of Mooi door mij have a (mental) disability. The equipment and knowledge of traditional techniques are available for day care in a care institutions. Products are made from sustainable materials such as clay and paper. These Dutch designers have taken up the challenge to develop products to their standard of design under the condition that they can be produced with simple actions. The individual characteristics of the products let you know that it has been created with heart and soul.

Locally produced: local production in the Netherlands.

Supports the local community: The profits from Mooi door mij are used for the development of expertise and investments in daytime care projects.