Brand: Somskat

Somskat is a slow fashion label launched by Charlotte and Max in Stuttgart, Germany uniting conscious consumption and minimal aesthetics. A focused wardrobe for a focused mind! Their pieces can be combined in versatile styles and are the base for your sustainable capsule wardrobe. 30% of all produced clothing is never sold or never worn. “Together we rethink fashion consumption: We design pieces, you bring them to life - because not us, but you decide what will be produced.“ The Timeless Fundamentals collection is the core of what they do - minimalism fused with sustainability. These pieces are constantly available as they were designed without any season or trend in mind. They keep their stocks low - so in case your size should be sold out, just leave us a note of your interest and this wonderful brand will consider it for the next production.

Ethically and locally produced: Their production takes place in Europe, Poland. The town Lodz has been affected by global textile industry outsourcing but is still known today for its textile industry. Somskat works with a small family-owned production site, which guarantees social standards, good working conditions and pays above Polish minimum wage. 

Eco-friendly: Somskat values organic and certified materials just like innovative sustainable fabric solutions. In their collection, you find GOTS certified organic cotton and Tencel Lyocell - a cellulose-based fibre from the Austrian company Lenzing AG. The fiber is initially sourced from wood-pulp and then chemically processed in an environmentally friendly way. The wood comes from sustainable forestry and is controlled according to FSC® and/or PEFC ™.
99.9% of the solvents during processing go back into the production cycle. 

Good cause: Each year Somkat donates 1% of their sales to a different social and independent organization fighting for empowerment, fairness and justice.