Brand: Tawast

Tawast is a brand by fashion designer Milla Tawast. The brand has its roots in Finland, and is now based in Copenhagen. The core value of the brand is that humans, animals, and the planet shouldn't be exploited for fashion.

Fair trade: The clothing from Tawast is all made by Mila herself in her own studio in Copenhagen. Everything is made to order, so there is no deadstock.

Environmentally friendly: The material is all 100% organic. Often it is GOTS certified, but sometimes, only the yarn is GOTS certified, if the fabric supplier is too small to be certified themselves. Tawast uses GOTS certified organic cotton, where the cotton is grown in Benin Tanzania and India. The fabric is spun, weaved, dyed and washed France. The organic cotton fabric that isn't GOTS certified (the yarn is) is made by an artisan family in India. Tawast also uses 100% GOTS certified organic linen. The flax plant was grown in France, and the fabric was spun, knitted, and dyed in Germany.

To minimize waste, Mila makes small accessories and scrunchies from fabrics scraps. The items are shipped in plastic-free packaging.

Vegan: This brand is completely vegan.