Brand: Tees and Coffee

Tees and Coffee is a sustainable brand founded by two teenagers at college. They are selling t-shirts made from recycled organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles, as well as reusable, biodegradable coffee cups. Off-cuts of the organic cotton production processes are shredded to turn them back into soft fibres. Fibres made from recycled plastic bottles are then added, before being spun into a fine yarn which is woven to create the material for the clothing. This process is Global Recycle Standard certified, as well as Organic Content Standard. The factory is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, which assures that the factory has high ethical standards. The factory is located in India, since there is already a lot of clothing production there: meaning easy access to organic cotton off-cuts.

The reusable coffee cups are made from wheat straw, a by-product of cereal plants: a perfect replacement for plastic disposable products. The cups are made in China, where wheat straw is a waste product that is usually burned. The clothing is PETA-approved vegan, however, for the coffee cups, this is unknown. The clothing is printed in the UK, by themselves or by a local company. Tees and Coffee gives the option for all items ordered to purchase 10 trees for £1.20 and supports two environmental organisations: Offset Earth and Rising Forests.

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