Brand: The KOFF Label

The Belgian brand The KOFF Label makes sustainable, vegan accessories from innovative materials.

Fair trade: the accessories are made in Portugal, in a workshop with a good atmosphere. The KOFF team has already visited the workshop several times to ensure good working conditions.

Environmentally friendly: The items from The KOFF Label are made from Piñatex, an innovative material also called 'Pineapple Leather' because it is made from Pineapple leaves. This material comes from the Philippines, where the pineapple farmers earn fair wages from the by-product of the pineapple harvest. In addition to Piñatex, KOFF also uses organic linen as packaging material.

Locally produced: the accessories are made in a workshop in Portugal, in Europe.

Vegan: because KOFF works with animal-friendly alternatives to leather, the brand is completely vegan.