Brand: Thought

Thought is a clothing brand founded on the beaches of Australia. The idea is to develop simple beachwear made from hemp and Ramie (sort of nettle). What started as a small sustainable company quickly grew into a worldwide success. The 'thoughtfull clothing' that they produce are all made from sustainable materials, for example bamboo, hemp, organic cotton (GOTS and OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified), polyester from 100% recycled PET, rayon and Tencel (wood-based materials) and wool which has been obtained in an animal-friendly manner. Thought has implemented a code of conduct to ensure that all clothing is also produced under fair working conditions. The GOTS certification guarantees that products made from cotton also involve fair trade.

NOTE: Although a large part of the clothing is appropriate for a vegan lifestyle, some products use animal-friendly wool. As a result, this brand does not bear the label "vegan", but often the clothing is vegan.