Brand: TOMS

TOMS Shoes is a shoe brand that donates a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes you purchase. Helping others is in the DNA of TOMS, in addition to having already given more than 86 million shoes to children, they also provide employment by producing the shoes in the countries where they are donated. After the success of the TOMS Shoes, TOMS Eyewear was also launched. The same idea, but now to help people regain their sight. They do this through medical care, providing prescription glasses and surgical procedures when needed. TOMS has restored eyesight to already more than 600,000 people! In addition, TOMS is committed to providing clean drinking water (now more than 600,000 weeks of clean drinkwater) and safer births. TOMS shoes are made in China, Ethiopia and Argentina. They are aware of the problems in the fashion industry and are working hard to ensure that the factories they work with are compliant with the law and prevent slavery and human trafficking. The materials that the TOMS shoes are made of are as many sustainable and vegan materials as possible in collaboration with the Textile Exchange. TOMS is still working on expanding their sustainable materials section. TOMS is also B Corp certified because they try to make the world a better place.