Brand: Veja

Veja is a fair and sustainable shoe brand. For Veja, the certification of their sneakers is not the ultimate goal, they would like to go one step further. The certificates that they have are Fairtrade and IBD an organic cotton certification in Brazil. Veja pays close attention to what materials they use and where they come from. So all cotton is organic, the rubber is natural and is extracted from the Amazon. This creates jobs for people there who would otherwise work in the cattle trade, which is very harmful to the rainforest. The leather used by Veja comes from cows that do not come from the Amazon, since livestock farming is the main cause of deforestation. Veja does not yet have much knowledge about where their leather come from, but they are working hard to change that, so that they can make the process from the living conditions of the cows, to dye the leather, more sustainable. Veja does not advertise, so they can still sell their sneakers for an affordable price. Their production process is 3 to 4 times more expensive than that of an ordinary shoe brand. Veja's top priority at the moment is to reduce their CO2 emissions, which they implement in the transport, organization, production and consumption of the shoes.