Brand: Wellicious

Wellicious' journey started in 2007, long before sustainability was getting the attention it gets now. At a trade fair in Paris Wellicious' founder Heike met a group of passionate people who shared her vision of revolutionizing the fashion industry for the greater good. And so began her mission to build a company that could produce long-lasting and circular yoga products, promoting the reuse and recycling of all materials while eliminating fashion waste and pollution.

Fair & Local Production: All products are made in Europe. Except for the GOTS-certified organic cotton; this comes from Peru. 

Eco-friendly: Wellicious uses Cradle to Cradle Certified® Platinum fabrics, meaning that the end product does not contain harmful toxins or chemicals. You could even decompose the products at home, although the process is quite time-consuming. If you send back your Wellicious products, they can decompose it for you and you'll receive a discount of 10% on your next purchase!

Good Cause: Wellicious reserves a percentage of its revenue to invest in research to decompose the clothes more efficiently.